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Online Sessions



Awaken and align mind, body and spirit with wellness and lifestyle consulting, distant reiki, guided meditation and breathing methods to integrate into your regimen.   

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Events & Classes

All Classes to be at the Healing Room


Open Meditation Class - FREE

Join us for a one-hour group open-meditation session to relax your mind and rejuvenate your natural energies.

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Learning to Bloom
4 Week Class - $45

Are you stuck or have you been planted? Are you trying to find balance in the middle of the chaos? Are you looking to become more aligned and grounded? Are these questions that are on your mind lately? Join our LOTUS tribe as we do a 4-week meditation series to find the answer to these questions. We will work through all the muckiness you have been feeling lately to reach the goal of blooming into the person you want to be.

Each Week...

*We will do a guided meditation, journal, and have a small task to complete.
*We will work on decoding the meanings behind what we are doing and why.
*You will be working on creating a self-care plan to make your wellness a priority.
*You will learn to become more aligned with yourself and your higher awareness.
*You are learning to create a meditation practice to ground and center.
*You will open your mind and release your stress.
*You will feel changes in you as you open your mind.
*We will build off the previous week’s meditation, going deeper to find our balance.

Each session will be recorded.
-This gives you 4 in person classes and 15 minute 1 on 1 with Donna
-Copy of the weeks meditation at your request.
Once you are signed up you will receive all additional information.
**There will be the opportunity for 5 zoom students to join who don’t live in area**


Reiki Practitioner I Class - $175

Are you interested in learning reiki? Are you ready to practice reiki on yourself and others? Become part of the LOTUS tribe as we learn Reiki I. This is a one full day class from 9:30 am - 5 pm.
Learn the history of reiki, chakras, self reiki and reiki on others, and even your pets, pendulum use for chakras and more.
All COVID precautions are taken

Click the Link to Book a Class

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