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Light Code Activation with Rani Maez Archuleta

What better time to connect with your intention? LOTUS connected with Colorado's Reiki Practitioner of Light, Rani, to give you an opportunity and empty the density on your timeline. Our one on one Virtual Blog opportunity introduces how this modality can assist you in being a witness to YOUR movement forward. We are honored to have Rani as part of the LOTUS tribe to support the collective and the continued practice of our daily ritual.

Pictured above: Rani is a pristine channel for the truth of your own Divinity to be awakened within you. As a naturally-born intuitive, she is especially gifted at tuning into the subtleties of your body, spirit, and mind.

Through her loving connection with the Earth,

she calls forth the ancient memories of who you truly are. Through translating healing energy into spoken word, she opens and unlocks the symphony of light lying hidden within your very cells. 

Let her celestial blessings rain down upon you by contacting Rani directly: | (719)761-3598 | Facebook @Rani Maez Archuleta.

If you are in the Colorado area and would like to book a session please follow the link below:

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