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Why should you choose LOTUS over other massage facilities?

Why choose LOTUS over other massage facilities? LOTUS was created by licensed therapists to ensure every client receives a custom and unique experience. From the moment you log onto LOTUS website you begin to feel welcome. That feeling continues far past the end of your session.

We asked our clients what makes LOTUS stand out? One client wrote this “After years as a client at several other locations, I found Donna at Lotus Wellness and never looked back. She’s an expert in her trade which is proven by her experience, never ending knowledge, and passion for helping others. These attributes were hard to find when I was a client at other massage facilities and I often found myself feeling like I had wasted money after my massage. There is no upselling of unnecessary upgrades and every service is tailored to my mental, spiritual, or physical needs. For anyone that is felt underwhelmed with their experiences elsewhere, I highly recommend giving Lotus Wellness a chance to make you a lifelong client like myself! – MS”

When you enter LOTUS, you will be welcomed with an immediate feeling of calm and tranquility. It is easy to understand why LOTUS chooses their pop-up locations, each one is a unique experience. LOTUS therapists are a cut above the rest, each therapist has years of experience and knowledge of multiple modalities/techniques to address client’s specific needs. Your therapist brings you back to your treatment room to complete your assessment. Your therapist then creates a unique session customized to your specific needs. During the session, your therapist will listen and intuitively adapt your session for your best outcome. At the end of the session your therapist will discuss a future treatment to continue your wellness journey. LOTUS is your wellness care partner.

LOTUS is proud to serve you at three POP-UP locations that were carefully selected to create three different unique experiences for our clients. LOTUS is all about creating a tribe and supporting local businesses creating wellness partnerships within the communities. One established a partnership is with Innovation Salon in Hockessin. Innovations is a cutting-edge salon. Beth is fantastic for extreme color changes. Her knowledge and experience allow her to create true masterpieces. She is the stylist that keeps one our therapist purple hair bright, vibrant, and noticed everywhere. When you visit LOTUS at Innovations you can truly have a full day of pampering. You can go from your relaxing massage or reiki session to have a full cut/color/style while getting your make-up done. Come for a massage/reiki session and leave ready for a night out.

We also offer a partnership with Peak Cryotherapy where everything is medical, or sports based. Peak Cryotherapy is the only one in Delaware. Cryotherapy has extensive list of benefits and adding it before your massage will help reduce inflammation to allow the massage to be more effective. After your massage with a LOTUS therapist, you can add a sauna red light therapy session while at Peak. LOTUS creates these connections so our clients have other things to add into their self-care plans that they know they can trust.

Our third partnership is with Find Your Harmony. This is our local metaphysical store. The owner is amazing and inspiring. She has extensive knowledge of crystals, herbs, teas, etc. to help with all your metaphysical. Everything you are looking for is right around the corner. The store has an expansive stock of high-quality crystals. This is a place you can shop with confidence that each purchase is quality materials. LOTUS therapist Donna can also do your reiki session on the amethyst bio-mat to really enhance your session. We also host classes and group guided meditations at Find Your Harmony.

LOTUS extends far past the four walls of our treatment rooms. LOTUS has regular virtual meditations on Thursday nights and meditation courses. Clients rave that LOTUS creates a community they can connect with while still being able to be at home. Each meditation is unique every week. In the beginning of each session everyone is able to discuss how they are doing and ask questions. Upon the completion of the meditation everyone has the opportunity to share your experience. During meditation courses a private Facebook group is created to connect everyone, content to help with the progression of the course, and small assignments that help you integrate your spiritual work into your regular life. These groups allow you to connect with other course participants.

LOTUS takes even a bigger step to connecting with our community by group hiking days, house clearing, and other ways that allow us to help our clients on a deeper level. The universe told one of our tribe members Donna that LOTUS stood for “Learning On The Universal Scale”. LOTUS is creating a network of like-minded people to help everyone heal their mind, body and spirit while creating lasting connections. LOTUS is more than a session or an experience, it is a new way of life.

Subscribe to our website and like us on Facebook to see us grow and to meet new tribe members. LOTUS will be offering more classes in person and virtual, new classes, new tribe members, new therapists, and retreats.

Here is some feedback from our clients:

“It was amazing, the atmosphere is soothing so relaxing and the services are the best. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. – Debi”

“It was my first time with Reiki, and now I need more. The energy was intense, and our conversation about it after was enlightening. The massage that followed has made my body and mind feel so much better in the days after. I cannot wait to schedule my next appointment. Pure bliss! – Amy”

“Donna is amazing! Knee pain I have been having for months gone! Also was given some at home remedies until I can make my next session. Cannot wait to go back! – Noel”

“There is so much to say about Donna! She is incredible to work with on a spiritual level. Donna has an incredible gift for helping people to really help themselves by taking charge of their own healing. I have had the pleasure of attending Donna’s weekly meditation nights for quite some time now. She has true talent for leading people in guided meditations. Her voice is soothing to the ears and welcoming for people to enter a contemplative space. I recently completed a four-week guided meditation series with Donna, titled Learning to Bloom. Through shamanic journeying, we completed a guided meditation each week for four weeks. Homework and journaling accompanied each week’s guided meditation. It was not an overwhelming amount of work. It was natural and helpful. Donna did an amazing job of holding space for each participant in this course. She facilitated a healing and transformative experience for us in a neutral way, allowing us to make each meditation our own. Donna’s meditation series has significantly helped me on this journey of deep, deep, deep healing. Where once was fear there is now excitement. I highly recommend that anyone and everyone work with Donna at some point! She is a healer through and through. – Jess”

Now let LOTUS help you start your healing and wellness journey!

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